ML Denoise Artifact

Loving Denoiser ML / Regrain workflow, but I did just notice a big, fat artifact in my comp that comes on/off when I toggle Denoiser ML. Can I send a plate to be looked at by the team? Seems to be related to having an overbright area in Linear.


@dungeonbeach Can you clarify exactly what you are doing when you say you are toggling Denoiser on/off. Are you toggling the enable state with the D key? You can private message me 5 frames of the source clip. I will need that many to check the Denoiser. Thanks.

I have this exactly the same issue with the overbright/light area. Denoiser ML just puts a black square/hole over it… (Cant share the project/screenshots for this).
Exr’s in Aces2065-1 colorspace

Could you clarify if this happens for or both Model options in DenoiserML, or with “Compression+ Noise” only?

I can reproduce this with an EXR clip with over bright values. We will take a look at it. You can get around this for now by placing a Develop node before the Denoiser ML node and reduce the Exposure until the artifact goes away,. Then, place another Develop node after the Denoiser and do an inverse Exposure adjustment.

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In my case, it happens with Camera Noise v1.0, and it is gone if I select Compression+Noise

Thank you. The team is now aware of this happening. Sorry you’ve hit this bug, and hopefully we’ll be able to fix it soon.

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