Mocah Pro Remove Module with Avid Frame Flex

I’m using the remove module on a 4k clip within media composer. The clip is locked down and I’d like to do a move with Avid’s frame flex after I’ve created the remove mattes with mocha pro. The mattes remain in place and are unaffected by frame flex.

My solution would be to go into a 4k project and apply the remove module, export or create a full frame mix down at 4k and come back into my 1920x1080 sequence and use frame flex on the new clip. Is there a quicker or easier way to go about this process? I apologize if this has been addressed in the past.

I believe that Frame-Flex is a pre-process inside Avid Media Composer (applied to source clip “before” the effects pipeline. I suspect that you will need to render and and re-import, like you mentioned.

Inside other hosts like AE or Premiere, you can precompose or “nest” a layer to trick the host into acting like the composite is a source. Can you apply frame flex to a sub-sequence that is loaded into the source monitor?

I will take a look at Media Composer today, but I suspect it could be a limitation of the host. While Frame Flex was added to get past many of the mixing formats & frame rates inherent in MC, I believe there are still limitations when it comes to layers and effects.


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