Mocha 2019 crashing Vegas 16


Video Link to crash: Vegas 16 Crash Link

This is second time it crashed Vegas 16.
2 Crash Reports Have Sent to Magix and BorisFX


Hi James,

This has been documented. It’ll be fixed in the next release.



Do you have a am I going to pay for this to be fixed ?


Hi James,

For questions regarding sales and support please contact sales and support. That said, no you won’t have to pay for a minor point release if you have the appropriate license.



Mocha V6 Seems to behave better af far as the installer.Will prople Who have current version of BCC or Saphire
Have to pay for a fix fro the installer?Were you able to reproduce the problem you did a remote session on my computer ?I have 3 sunscriptions (BCC,MochaVR,Saphire) from what i know was told they qualify for free upgrade Did not get my Multi host Mocha VR upgrade serial yet.I am using the BCC subscription Ser to get around the Installer Program i have.