Mocha 2021

Just watched the tech preview. Exciting things.

Since you are reworking the adjust track module, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow for the simultaneous transforming of more than 1 and fewer than all 4 points.
OR, better yet
Allow for stacking Transform only, Transform/Scale/Rotate, Skew and Corner Pin modifications.
allow me to “offset” the points (without moving the track) AFTER I start setting adjust keyframes.

I’m currently doing these things inside of Nuke using a hack with Rotoshapes.

I never work on any footage as pristine as the footage you guys use in your videos.
The last face shot I worked on, Mocha wouldn’t track more than 5 frames without failing.
I need tools that fail in a way that is still useful in moving me toward a solve.

Please add an export track to syntheyes option, too. just the Corner pin to 2D tracks.

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You’ll be happy to know that what you’re describing is essentially the revamp for adjust track in a nutshell and I am working on a tutorial for that right now, except the syntheyes part, and we can add a feature request and see if we can get it into a later point release ( I am unsure how straightforward that will be or not so no promises!). I will tag @martinb here for that.

@subscriptionsturner If you email me directly an example of the SynthEyes 2d track format as a text file I can take a look at how straightforward it would be.
I’ve made a feature request, but we will need to look at what is involved to implement it after the next release.

@subscriptionsturner I could not agree more, the footage that I often have to track is usually not straight forward. Being able to concatenate tracks and massage the data like the way you can do in comp would be awesome. Would it also be possible to extract tracking data from roto, similar to what Silhouette does, this is a super useful feature, and another way to build tracking data.
Please add the export for Syntheyes. Thanks for all your doing.

Please add option what mammo world had.
Paste mocha data and checkbox apply biezier warp on current frame.

So you can fine a frame just hit apply and 3d track will keep the patch we’re it is.

Otherwise you need to match mocha and after effects frame than paste.

Mammo world mocha import is very good to paste data in anywhere in timeline

I just watched the Silhouette Nuke video…
is there going to be a hierarchical (FK) type layer relationship in Mocha?
How does that work with tracking?

We are working on exports and will have more explanation at release. :slight_smile:

He added bones to his roto shapes in the video.
will that be part of Mocha at some point?

That’s in Silhouette but not Mocha yet.