Mocha 2022.5 OFX plugin crashes Nuke14.0v1

Similar to this issue-

Nuke 14.0v1 crashes immediately upon creation of a mocha node with the following error-

QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The fix in that thread is to create an LD_PRELOAD env variable pointing to, which I have tried with -


which is where that file is on my workstation.

Currently have to open a separate instance of Nuke13 just to use Mocha, would love a fix for this!

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Thanks for letting us know. I’ll check this with the dev team and see if there is a specific workaround for Nuke 14 on Centos.

What version of Centos are you using and which Dekstop GUI?

Thank you!

I’m running it on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS x86_64 with GNOME 42.3.1.

But I do have an instance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 (Plow) x86_64 with GNOME 40.10 running as well, if you want me to test the fix on something officially supported.

Can you please DM me your mocha log file from ~/.cache/BorisFX/mocha.log?

Don’t post it publicly because it might contain personally-identifiable information.

As Pop!_OS is not an RPM-based distro, can you please let me know the exact steps you used to extract Mocha from the RPM file and install it on your system?

I used alien to convert the rpm then reproduced this on a clean installation of Pop!_OS. I was also able to reproduce it on one of our supported distros, CentOS 7. I don’t have a workaround at present but the dev team will start investigating this to see what’s going on.

That’s exactly what I did, used alien. Same process worked perfectly for Nuke13. Thank you!!

Chiming in to say that I am getting the exact crash, also on PopOS.

Hi, just to say I’m having the same issue on Rocky Linux 8.7 with Nuke14.0 and Mocha Pro 2022.5, bringing the Mocha node instantly crashes Nuke. But it’s all working fine on the latest Nuke13 and 12.

@hadrien-malinjod_b45 @edgordon
Thanks for letting us know! Team will work on finding the solution.

To provide an update on this issue, we have investigated the problem and it looks like a bug in Nuke 14.0v1. Mocha is querying a particular OFX property which causes Nuke to crash. I’ve filed a ticket with the Foundry and will report back once they add this to the bug tracker.

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Was there a resolution to this? I’m having the same issue on Nuke 14, Ubuntu 22.

Looks like it was solved in 14.0v2!

My guess would be this note in the changelog-

• ID 532002 - Python API: Calling OfxPropertySuiteV1::propGetInt() for the parameter
kFnOfxImageEffectPropView caused Nuke to crash.

Yes that is the fix for this issue, I’d like to publicly express my thanks to the Nuke dev team for their thorough investigation of this problem. I’m sure it would have been fixed more quickly if it wasn’t for the long Christmas break.

Best regards,


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I’ve installed Nuke 13 and will just use that for Mocha. Thanks