Mocha 2022 color managemnet is weird

First of all thank you for utilizing OCIO - you guys seriously care, it shows :slight_smile:
That said:
Traditional media (jpg, tiff, dpx)
The colorspace tab in Clip now contains only the option to select a source clip color profile. the linear/log options are gone, so are the color correction tools.
Now I know this is how it’s supposed to be, but most of the time we don’t know the color space of the source media and frankly, we don’t care - that information is unnecessary for tracking. What was usefull, were the color correction tools - often when dealing with log or dark footage, I used these tools to get more contrast and visible details in the clip before tracking - I never needed proper colors on my screen, just needed to see what is in the frame. Now I have to go through all the color profiles hoping that one of them will work, which also doesn’t happen if my clip is underexposed - no color profile will brighten it :frowning:
Can we please get the gamma slider back. And maybe an offset and gain sliders as well?

EXR footage
Well this is just broken.
First of all it doesn’t have the colorspace dropdown as the traditional clips, so we can’t select the colorspace of the clip. What is more interesting changing the working color space in the project settings, changes the colors in the viewer!!! Why? It’s just the working color space, as long as it’s wider than the clip color space, it should have no effect on the colors we see. It works properly in the traditional formats above, so why not with EXR? Does mocha assume that the EXR is in the working color space???
Now instead of the colorspace dropdown with colorspaces, it has a dropdown with gamma curves (linear/log/panalog) so basically what we used to have here in Mocha 2020.
Switching to Log, ends up in a random mosaic of colors in the viewer, so this part doesn’t work.
Switching back to linear fixes it but now we get different colors!
Yes, you open the clip, you have one set of colors, than in colorspace switch from linear to log and back to linear and now the clip has different colors - because the gamma changed from 2.2 to 1. Probably correct, since now my ACES looks way closer to proper colors than before, but still a weird workflow :confused:

So basically please keep the settings the same for all clips, like they are now in the traditional formats is fine.
Also add some simple gamma/offset/gain sliders for quick color correction so we don’t have to leave mocha to render a different clip version just for tracking,

Hi there,

Re: processing tools pre-track and gamma correction, what I can say without committing to specifics for that on a public forum is, please stand by. :wink:

We do have a brightness adjuster in the viewer right now, but I hear you on wanting more.

Regarding EXRs though, let me bring this to the attention of @martinb and see what we can do.

Thank you for the feedback, it is very helpful.

Hey @kaczorefx, I have a few questions:

  • Are you feeding in your footage via a host or is this in the standalone?
  • Are you using a custom config or a default?
  • What format is the EXR file? ACES-cg, DWAA etc?

I just want a baseline so we can determine the issues.

  • STandalone - I am on the trial version, maybe that matters
  • using the custom config OCIO 1.2
  • EXR is uncompressed in ACES 65
    If you give me a way, I can send a frame for you.