Mocha 2022 LE Adjust module broken?

I’m test driving the Mocha 2022 LE with the new Adjust Module and it seems the classic Adjust is broken.
Everything works fine If i pick a frame for my reference frames, go into adjust module → Classic, and then move forward - I can move the vertices like before, everything’s fine.
But the module breaks when I go to the earlier part of the footage - before my reference frame.
I can move 3 vertices and it acts properly- as soon as I move the 4th vertex, the entire control surface snaps back to it’s original unadjusted position, with all the adjust vertices stuck in place and yellow lines coming from them to their surface corners :frowning:
Tried it probably 20 times on different clips - always the same story - I can use the Adjust track ONLY on frames AFTER the reference frame, if I try doing it on a frame before, it breaks.
The fastest way to test it is with the Q key when you move all 4 vertices - on frames after, you move the entire surface with the vertices to the new position, on frames before you just move the adjust vertices around, the surface stays put :confused:

We’ll look into it, but the “Classic” AdjustTrack is pretty much there to support legacy projects.

We recommend using the modern Transform AdjustTrack instead as it’s much easier to use and will be the main focus for improvements to AdjustTrack moving forward.

Wait, the new AdjustTrack tools are done?
It’s not in experimental phase?
But they are useless :frowning:
The transform tools don’t work with them (Q,W,E keys) so we can’t transform all reference points at the same time, this means we can forget about adjusting a surface that goes out of frame.
Same goes for a surface that is partially obscured, you can’t move the obscured points together with the visible ones.
And the additional reference points?
I kinda expected all of the points to influence one another when adjusting, this way we could move an obscured reference point by moving the closest additional point - but it’s not how it works, is it?
We have to move every reference point on every key frame one by one, kinda defeats the purpose of having additional points doen’t it?
Please can we get a tutorial for the new tools, one with a more challenging situation than the " Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021: Improved AdjustTrack Module" - because even in this video you can see all the problems I mentioned - there is absolutely no reason for adding additional reference points apart for the 4 needed in perspective transform.
Would love to see the same shot but with the hand obscuring two right corners - how would you adjust that with the new tools?

Also, can’t move reference points when Show layer outlines is off - what’s up with that??
I thought this was supposed to be fixed in 9.0.1, but it’s not. All that changed is that now I can move the surface corner points which was also not possible earlier - why would anyone want to move the surface corners while in Adjust Mode??? We’ve asked many time for it to be actually impossible to grab a surface corner point in Adjust Track Module, because they get grabbed by accident :frowning:

It’s a good idea to add more tutorials on difficult shots because clearly, the workflow is not as straightforward as it should be. The reference points are designed to be easier than the old method because they can control transforms like rotation or scale regardless of the position of a new reference point.

If you have a specific shot you’d like us to take a look at where AdjustTrack is difficult to use, we’d love to see it so we can improve the tools.

You’re right, there’s a definite bug there. We fixed the surface selection because it was reported, but the AdjustTrack reference points were not part of that so we missed it. Sorry about that I’ll have QA write this up immediately as that’s clearly a big problem.

Well like I said - I never encounter shots like you had in the tutorial :wink:
Imagine the same shot but the lady at some point grabs the screen, covering two corners, and rotates and swivels it, takes it out of the frame, not even whole of it but like 80% off screen, then she brings it back and lets go of it so that we see the 4 corners again. A shot like that most likely won’t track all that well, and will need to be fixed with adjustment module.
Inside the adjustment module you can move the reference points one by one, but only if you actually see them (they are not obscured). As soon as they are hidden (covered or off screen), till now I used to use the transform tools on the 4 reference points - these allowed me to move, rotate and scale the 4 reference points together, as a single object - this way it was simple even with one visible corner to place the surface in the correct place orientation and scale.
Now it’s not possible because we can’t move all reference points at the same time - and if you try doing it one by one, you are guaranteed to mess up scale and perspective, which might actually be visible even if only a small corner of the surface is visible in frame - small errors in perspective result in massive scaling changes in the insert :frowning:
Other than that a tutorial on the concept of adding additional reference points would be nice - don’t just show us that we can, show us why we would want to add these points - what problems do they solve?
In the current tutorial Mary is just adding points inside the screen, and the only result of that is that she has to move more points in every keyframe - the shot would go much quicker if she just stuck with the 4 original points :slight_smile: