Mocha 2022 PowerMesh keyframes with linked track

New feature - thank you so much for this, being able to do Powermesh tracking on top of an already tracked layer is a game changer :slight_smile:
One thing though:

  • I have a tracked Layer01
  • I create Layer02, link to Layer01 tracking data
  • track Layer02 Mesh tracking with Existing planar data on checkbox - works beautifully.
  • Layer02 has no keyframes in the Dope Sheet apart from the initial spline key
  • Was kinda expecting Mesh tracking keyframes - how can we get rid of mesh tracking data if there are no keyframes to delete?

I think we will need to add a feature request to have this in the dope sheet. I will tell @martinb

Thanks, please do that - that’s the last thing missing from power mesh, other than that it’s just amazing :slight_smile:

The main issue with adding mesh keyframe data to the dopesheet is there is a LOT of mesh keyframe data!

We’re looking at some solutions to keep it manageable.

Well it could be fake keyframes. There isn’t much point in moving them around or copying and pasting like with spline keyframes - they can just be unmovable dummy keyframes. Just enough for us to be able to select a range of keys and delete them, giving Mocha the information that the user wants to get rid of tracking data in these frames - that’s pretty much it :slight_smile: