Mocha 5.0


I just tried out 5.0 on a Red 4K scene. I am a little disappointed in the results using the GPU. I’m hoping that either my system is crap or I am doing something wrong . I see no difference in speed when compared to 4.2. I selected my card from the drop down list, restarted Mocha and tracked . I had to drop the resolution to 1/4 res before I saw any decent performance. Am I alone in these findings or is there others who are experiencing this as well.

Btw, the system I tested this on was:

Intel quad core 4771

32 gigs ram

nvidia 970 video card ( 4gb vram)

seagate HD 7200 rpm for both drives. (cache & data )



Hi Lou,

Please try going to your top left hand corner of your viewport and switching your proxy mode from 1:1 to 1:4, you should dramatically increase your tracking speed.


Hi Lou,

Your CPU and GPU should both be fine for mocha, although if you are using single regular hard drives that won’t be ideal for high resolution material, you’d be better off with a PCIe/NVMe SSD or RAID. Make sure you are running the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA and confirm that Track using GPU is enabled in mocha preferences. We haven’t tested your particular graphics card but it’s quite similar to some of the Quadro cards we have tested.

With R3D footage, a lot of time is spent decoding the images. The time taken to do that has not changed between v4 and v5 as it’s done inside RED’s decoder. So even though the tracker algorithm might be running faster on your machine, this could easily be hidden by the time spent decoding the footage. There is a massive increase in decode speed in the RED decoder when you enable quarter res proxy, because it is a much lower quality decoding, I think you have observed this difference.

It’s also worth mentioning that the biggest benefit of GPU tracking comes when you’re working on a large area. If you’re tracking something small, then you won’t see a major difference.

Best regards,