Mocha 5.6


So it looks like Mocha has had a point update to 5.6.

I’m not finding any info on what’s new, outside of new features for Mocha VR.

Can anyone chime in regarding what’s new in Mocha Pro 5.6?


New version of mocha Pro 5 Adobe Plug-in
Version 5.6.0 (February 2018)
Changes in this version:

New Features:

  • Stereo Support in the Plugin: Most of the plugins now support Stereo, Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo views. AVX plugins support Top/Bottom and Left/Right.

  • Top/Bottom and Left/Right support in Standalone: the standalone version now supports Top/Bottom and Left/Right stereo modes

  • Plugin Auto-save: Plugin versions now save a backup of your file at intervals in just in case the host has a problem or you forget to save!

  • Save the last used Mocha project Open and Export locations: No more tedious hunting for the same directory 100 times!

  • Many Bug Fixes!

Thanks for posting that Roel!

But yes, the focus of v5.6 was mainly for stereo support in VR and the plugins, but the minor under the hood stuff is very important:

  1. The plugin autosave is going to save you a LOT of time if you’ve had any host issues while working in the Mocha GUI. Previously you would have lost the mocha project with the host project, now it’s saved independently.
  2. We’ve stabilized the GPU tracking further
  3. We’ve fixed up some icky colorspace and memory issues that were plaguing users
  4. We’ve fixed a lot of interesting Premiere issues as Premiere just likes to be different
  5. We stopped manual track causing people headaches
  6. We fixed a bunch of annoying Linux bugs.

You can check out the full release note here: Boris FX | Mocha Pro and VR 5.6.0 - Release Notes

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Thanks y’all! Bug fixes, plug in autosave, colorspace, yisss!