Mocha 6.03 vs 6.1

Is 6.1 A new version or an Update.If App Manager Under Licences Shows Activate/Deactivate Working but when you Run Plugin On iMac Only 6.03 Activates But On Windows 6.1 Also Activates.Under the Manager The Licence Version Installed shoes Wrong.I am Trying to activate Perpetual Lieences not subscriptions. :slight_smile:

Mocha 2019.5 is only a free update if you’re currently on a support contract or have an active yearly subscription. If you’re having trouble activating, deactivate your current key, uninstall the plugin, download the new version off our website, and reactivate.

That should get you all sorted out! If not, can you please email support here and ask to have your key reset for you? Otherwise sales can help you purchase an upgrade. Boris FX | Open a Case


The Aplication manager seems to only show the current one.

My First update will be for Continum Upgrade.