Mocha AE 2.6 why upgrade?

So I don’t mean to be petulant, but I’m honestly wondering this. A few months ago I purchased the upgrade from Mocha AE to Mocha 2.5, mainly so I could export shape date into AE and use Mocha as a Rototool.
I saw a few tutorials that showed key features I mistakenly thought were in the upgrade, namely adding motion blur to the matte so as to blend your shape (rotowork) seamlessly. Well, It’s come down to it, and I’ve recently been working with Ms. Poplin to get my shape data to export correctly (she’s very cool) and I’m realizing that motion blur is only included in the Pro version. My bad.
*So, my question is this, why would I use the shape data if my feathering is global (i.e. not on an x and y axis as is the case with an AE mask)? *
I did some rotowork on a clip today and as for the actual process of rotowork in Mocha, it’s fantastic. But with out being able to add motion blur, it seems all for nothing.

It’s not just After Effects: None of the data export formats come into your compositor with motion blur since that is calculated as a render pass (thus why the motion blur is only available in the full versions of mocha, as they allow rendering to file).
Normally the way motion blur is handled when exporting data is to use the compositor’s motion blur.
If you are using CS5 you can paste the mocha masks to get AE splines then use the motion blur there. You can turn on individual mask motion blur under Layer>Mask>Motion Blur. Keep in mind if you use “paste mocha mask”, you won’t be able to keep your manual per-point feathering from mocha, as CS5 AE splines don’t support it.
If you are using CS4 or earlier (or only want to use the mocha shape effect to maintain your manual per-point feathering) you can also use CC force motion blur.
Often this is preferred, as it gives compositors more control over the look of the blur for the final result.

I’m starting to see where your confusion lies. Because you’ve upgraded from mocha AE in CS5 to mocha AE 2.6, you’re wondering where the motion blur options are.
For mocha AE you have never been able to export motion blur because it doesn’t render. Earlier versions of mocha AE still showed the motion blur settings (inherited from the original full mocha interface), but they were for preview only. We decided to remove the motion blur interface options in 2.5 since they did not really provide any useful output (we don’t generate rendered mattes in mocha AE).
If you are manually adding your own feathering in mocha you will have to export to mocha Shape. There is no other way to get this data across. If you need extra motion blur, you will have to use force motion blur in AE.
If you don’t have your own feathering and still need motion blur, you can use Paste mocha mask instead and use mask motion blur on the layer.
Mocha and mocha Pro can render motion blur, but mocha AE cannot.

Can you go to the about box in mocha and copy/paste the exact details from there?
I just want to make sure which version you are running.

And what is the exact title of the mocha program in the title bar?

The mocha and mocha pro versions both have motion blur, not just mocha pro. In the future, please see our product comparison chart to see the breakdown of who has what features:

If you need to contact us about the mistaken purchase, please email me.

To paste in your effects with the feathering you add in mocha, just paste in normally with ctrl+v to get the effect on the layer and not the spline.
As to how to use forced motion blue in AE, watch the beginning of this tut:

Just to be clear, I have CS4 and I’m running on windows 7 64bit

Mary, that’s good news. I’m just looking for a way to get this motion blur data from my matte in Mocha to my matte in AE. Maybe it’s because of the product registration/hostID/Licensing issues we’ve been having, but I see no information about the motion blur in my 2.6 Mocha.
Obviously, I just want to be able to feather my matte in or out so it can blend with the composite in AE. Maybe I just need more education on how to do this in Mocha 2.6. If that’s the case, can you recommend any resources?

Version 2.6.0 build 3797
Build Date May 19 2011

The title bar says “Mocha AE 2.6.0”