Mocha AE > AE misalignment

I got a nice track in Mocha AE. My text was created in AE, then exported as PNG. Imported that file and dropped into Mocha. There is a screenshot showing alignment. Perfect.

In AE, I imported that same PNG text file. That I used as my text layer. When I copy tracking from clipboard into AE, the alignment is way off. Shot shows this, as well. What am I doing wrong?

Your insert is probably not the same size as your footage, so it is distorting the corner pin. We have a tutorial explaining why here: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

Let me know if that works for you!


I did these steps, but perhaps not in the right order. Will let you know, thx Mary.

The key is pre-comping but making sure you move all attributes inside the pre-comp.