Mocha AE broke - not launching

I was tracking in Mocha (AE2022) - the system crashed. After restart AE preference files were corrupted, AE restored default settings. Now Mocha AE doesn’t launch - it launches but I just get a white screen and a Mocha window Not responding.
Reinstalled AE2022 - no change.
What is most peculiar - now Mocha is also broken in AE Beta, same white screen.
So what part of Mocha does 2022 and Beta share and how do I reinstall it?

I also have AE 2021 - Mocha works fine there.
So I copied the mochaAE plugin folder from 2022 to 2021 - to have the newer mochaAE in AE2021 - doesn’t launch, same as in 2022 and Beta.
So mochaAE 2022 has a part that is outside of the mochaAE plugin folder and is shared among all AE versions that are using mochaAE2022 - where is this part?

OK, fixed it.
Deleted the autosave folder:
c:\Users\pc\AppData\Roaming\Imagineer Systems Ltd\Autosave
Apparently an autosave file got corrupted during crash, and mochaAE got stuck while launchin trying to read it.
By the way, how does autosave in mochaAE work? Like when does it help? If Mocha AE (or After Effects) crashes, while MochaAE window is open - then when the next time we launch MochaAE we get a message that there is an autosave and do we want to open it?
What if I launch MochaAE from a different project, will it still ask?
Also after the crash Mocha might have an autosave for its own project but AE does not - doesn’t it interfere when mocha opens the latest autosave, but the AE project is of a previous version? They might not match.

Thanks for posting your discovery process. This will help others.

Essentially we save at the defined interval in preferences. If we detect there has been a crash since the last time you opened the host, we will ask you if you want to load the most recently autosaved file.
If we can’t detect it, you can just open the file from the file menu. As it’s saved with an autosave extension, you may need to choose “All files” from the file filter to see the autosave.

Sometimes yes, it will still ask. We can’t get the granularity of specific projects, but we do define autosaves by host and a timestamp.