Mocha AE corner pin data not importing into AE

Windows 10
AE CC 2019

I’m tracking a phone screen and trying to export the corner pin data into AE. I see the mask imports but not the corner pin. It seems others are having the same problem. This should be ABC stuff. why is this so difficult.


Sorry, i’m not understanding the precise issue.

Where are you exporting the corner pin from? The Mocha interface to the clipboard, or via generating the track data from the plugin interface?

Can you describe the exact steps you’re taking to try your export and the result you’re seeing?

First I track the shot with cornerpins
then exit the mocha interface , back into AE and attempt to export the cornerpin data… but nothing happens.

Did you create the track data first (via the “Create Track Data…” button) before trying to make the corner pin?

yes the timeline always ends up blank…it creates the cornerpin layers but nothing gets imported

this is what pops up when I hit create track data

Right, you need to select the Process Cog of the layer you want to use. See the column to the left of the layer name? Click that.
Selecting the layer itself won’t do it.

We’ve actually changed this behaviour in upcoming versions as it was causing the very confusion you’ve experienced here. In future versions of Mocha, you’ll be able to select the layer name OR the cog to generate the data.

OK OK NOW I got it… 1st press the create Track Data, then click on the layer , but not just the layer, beside the layer until the COG LOGO comes on beside the layer, then click apply Export

wow… very UN intuitive but simple when you know how to do it. moving on. Thanks for your help

Hmmm the problem is definitely ours. We say “select layer” in the user guide, not “select cog”. We’ll fix that:

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