Mocha AE Corner Pin Data Terribly inaccurate in After Effects (Video included)

I have spent a good 50 hours working on this particular video, to find that Mochas tracking data does not fit properly in AE, even with “FIT TO COMP”! I have watched this video here: Nothing in the aforementioned video proved effective to fix this problem. I have made the overlay matte fit to comp, and this did not work either. As you can clearly see, even if I changed the anchor point and lined everything up perfectly, the tracking data is inaccurate, and jumps unlike within the mocha program itself. This is very problematic. How do I fix this problem?

I have recorded a video of the problem for easy viewing right here:

Frame rate is identical!

It appears the tracking data in mocha AE is not the same tracking data that is exported.

I believe I found the problem! I used MochaImport+ to import the tracking data to find this warning, that the composition and tracking data was off by a mere 0.024 frames. I did not realize that even a 1/5 frame difference would have to be manually added into Mocha projects. Changing the Composition manually from 24.02 to 24 frames seems to have helped a bit, but is not 100% perfect!

What what I can see, you have a blank section of tracking data in the project range which is not in the AE project. The tracking keyframes take into consideration all data in the layer timeline, so if you’re not using that initial frame data in your layer, you’re better off just setting the project in point to the section you tracked and then you can position the playhead to paste the data accordingly.

It’s kind of hard to see what the setup is to confirm this. Does your AE comp in point start at the same in point in mocha?

Do you have any time stretch on the layer?

I GOT IT WORKING! YAY! There is no time stretch. There was a single frame difference between Mochas In point and the composition in point, I move the composition one frame ahead and everything is in perfect alignment. There was no need for me to change the frame rate .024 and re-render!

Here it is in AE Still got some work to do. I will share it with ya’ll when shes done and ready! Thank you for the amazing service and assistance you provide to your users! Awesome software!

Yaydids!, here is the finished product, Miley Cirus wrecking ball with Star of David…