Mocha AE crashed autosave recovery


Mocha AE crashed, the mocha doc doesn’t have any of the keyframes I set up, how do I open the autosave file?


If it’s the mocha plugin, there is no autosave file and we are working on a solution for that. If it’s your mocha AE that comes with AE, it should be in your results folder, wherever it is that you have set that up. Check your preferences. Usually it’s the place where your footage is, by default.

Let me know if you find it or if you still need help.


I have been working on a roto for 3 days in Mocha AE and I kept hitting save every now and then , after that , After effects crashed and I lost 3 days x 8 hours a day roto data without being able to recover it from either After effects autosave and Mocha auto save , this is frustrating …

What version are you on? I want to make sure this isn’t a regression, we have an autosave in the latest version that should recover it.


I am using Mocha Ae that comes with the latest After Effects 2019,I couldn’t find the autoseve feature.

The autoseve feature in the prefences of Mocha AE is already checked on, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

It’s automatic inside of the latest version of Mocha, the next time you open the project it should load your autosave file.

I have the latest version of Mocha AE, but didn’t load automatically the next time I opened Mocha AE, is thete any other way to force open it?

Yes, there should be a physical autosave file in a location depending on your OS.

C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Imagineer Systems Ltd\Autosave (edited)

~/Library/Application Support/Imagineer Systems Ltd/Autosave

The file is named something like this IF it saved:

For example:
:/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Imagineer Systems Ltd/Autosave/mochaAE_plugin-6_aftereffects.mocha.autosave"

Future versions will have an iterative backup directory, but currently you can find the autosave files there. However if the host crashes without saving you still might lose the autosave from Mocha, however, if Mocha crashes then you should have one.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.



The Autosave folder is empty , and yes , what crashed was After effects not Mocha , I guess that means I lost all 3 days work , I liked the previous workflow better .

Do you not have an autosave of the AE file in three days worth of work? At any point did you save your After Effects file?

no , apparently AE doesn’t Autosave while Mocha is open.

OK, I am sorry that happened to you. How frustrating. As a general workflow suggestion going forward, I will definitely recommend saving and closing and then saving the project at the end of every session at least, but in general it is good practices to save several times a session manually in case any program’s autosave fails you, not just Mocha’s. That is, in general, standard practice.

Hi, I just had the exact same experience and I already located the autosave file, but the problem is I can’t seems to open the project by the autosave file. Is there a way?

Just found a way to use the autosave file, just need to change the .autosave to .mocha then you can import back the file into your mocha. Hope this can help. Cheers.


Thanks this info just saved my butt!

This happened to me. I was closing Mocha and saving every hour or so while rotoing. But this time 2 hours past. That’s a lot of roto work and I was closing to save my project. Boom gone when Mocha caused an AE crash and AE cannot autosave while Mocha plugin is open. Thank you boonkhing1990! Saved my butt.

Boris you have to fix this.

Thank you! .autosave renamed to .mocha saved me from having to redo some work today.