Mocha AE doesn't export adjusted track


I’m having an issue where I tracked a card and adjusted the track using the classic method, but when I create the tracking data back in AE the adjusted track info doesn’t get used, it only creates the original non adjusted track. When I open Mocha back up I don’t see the adjusted track until I click on the classic tab with the layer selected, then it magically reappears except for the current frame. So I can scrub through the timeline and the adjusted track appears and looks great except for the frame I was on when I reopened the classic tab.

This is a pretty fresh windows 10 system (~2 months old), AE v 22.3 and MochaAE v 9.0.3 build date Feb 3, 2022.

Thanks for any help,

Have you checked the “use adjusted track” checkbox in layer properties in Mocha?

The adjusted track is always greyed out unless you link to a layer other than itself right? I tried creating a new layer and linking it to the original with the “Adjusted” checkbox checked but I get they same behavior.

Can you send me a whole screen screenshot of the problem? If not here on the forums, then email me at MaryP at BorisFX dot com?


Hi Mary,

Here’s a link to a video of the issue.

Let me know if you want to see anything else.

OK, I see exactly what you mean. Let me see if this is a known issue and let’s see if we have a workaround. Stand by, I am going to ask @martinb and the dev team and find out.

Hey Mary and Martin,
Did you guys ever find out anything about this issue? I just found it again in another project.

I think we did determine this was a bug. Let me tag @martinb and be sure.

Sorry, this missed my radar. Thanks for pinging me in the thread @maryp .

The problem appears to be specific to AdjustTrack Classic. Currently, the workaround is to use AdjustTrack transform instead. I’ll see if we can address the problems with the legacy adjustrack not applying the data.

@Tony_S Mary did an extensive video on AdjustTrack transform here if you’re not familiar with how to use the new approach: