Mocha AE frame rates messed up

I’ve had this problem before - as have many other people, but I can’t remember the fix (if there is one). I have a 30fps comp, with just one layer of 30fps video in it. I do a Mocha track on the video, then apply that track data to another layer. That other layer is just a text layer, so has no frame rate of its own. But Mocha spreads the keyframes out, so instead of a keyframe on every frame, they’re about every 5 frames.

If I look at the keyframes that Mocha has put on my source (tracked) video footage, they are not actually on the comp’s frames, but slightly offset - as if Mocha thinks the 30fps footage is 25fps maybe. But nothing related to this comp, or its footage, has ever been anything other than 30fps.

Any suggestions, anyone?

Update: I’ve just quit AE, created a new comp directly from the footage, and gone through exactly the same process again, and it seems to have worked this time!

Sounds like something was wrong with the comp or similar, text is always whatever the rate of the comp is, so that shouldn’t matter. Glad you’re all set though.