Mocha AE freezes AE everytime I open in Comp

I’ve never had an issue with Mocha AE before, but as of today, everytime I open Mocha AE through the Effect Controls panel in AE, everything is fine in Mocha, but when I go back to AE it’s frozen and doesn’t unfreeze (“Not Responding”). When I manage to close Mocha the freezing in AE stops.

Not sure what to do here. I restarted PC, installed different AE versions, and cleared my AE cache.

This is because you need to close Mocha AE before you can go back to After Effects.
You may be used to the much older version of Mocha AE that was a separate application, but now that it is a plugin, the window is modal and you must save and close the GUI to apply the effects to the After Effects comp.