Mocha AE new install won't track. At all

My company mandated all computers be wiped and all software reinstalled. Just got mine back (Mac Mini 2018, OS 11.6.1, AE 17.5.0, Mocha AE 7.5.0). I’ve used Mocha AE in the past and I’m no pro but I understand the basic workflow and can pull solid tracks. But this new install is just falling apart.
I needed to do a simple track of a TV screen on a shot zooming in. The TV goes out of frame but there’s a coplanar picture frame on the wall that stays in the shot. “Piece of cake,” I thought. Draw my X-spline, hit Track Forward and one of two things happens: either the track hangs briefly then terminates or my X spline suddenly leaps to a random spot every frame for maybe three frames and then the track fails out.
So I thought “bad footage.” I dug out an old project I’ve tracked successfully in the past, imported that footage, and tried tracking it. Same results.
The computer hasn’t changed and we were using AE 2020 prior to this, so thinking it shouldn’t be a hardware issue. Hoping it’s just some obscure setting that needs changed. Any ideas?

It’s a hardware issue, but only because your GPU processing likely got reset. Turn off GPU tracking. Go to Mocha>file>preferences, under the GPU tab, either select a supported GPU (or turn GPU tracking off if a supported GPU is not available), and save and close, save and close your host and restart the host (ae).

Supported GPUs: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

It’s likely your GPU or GPU driver isn’t supported, so your best bet may be turning off GPU processing entirely.

Thank you so much! Turning off GPU fixed it right up and Mocha is once again behaving as expected. Still blaming IT for scrubbing my drive, though.