Mocha AE not as good as Mocha Pro?

Hi Im just wondering if the tracking capabilities of Mocha Pro are better than those found in Mocha AE? Reason Im asking is because Ive tried tracking several clips and its absolutely not working right. I had a trial of Mocha Pro and I did 3 tracks in there that were perfect.
Anyways, my problem is that my track looks decent in Mocha or so I think, then when I play it in FCP its all jittery, I recently had this issue which was fixed by my frame offset controls, but this is a whole new issue. I can safely say Ive never been this frustrated with anything in my life. Its the “punch holes in walls” frustration. Ugh, I try tracking every different part of the clip and even though I have mattes over objects rolling infront of the clip it still seems to affect my track, and it doesnt seem to want to adjust the tracking between keyframes Ive made, it goes offtrack then jumps to the keyframe Ive made.
This type of thing has been plaguing me for the last 2 days straight.
Does ANYONE have ANY wisdom to impart?

BTW my clips are AIC is that an issue?

another thing, why do my keyboard controls shutoff halfway through my work? suddenly I cant shuttle through my frames with my L/R keys?..Am I accidently toggleing something? It’s just adding to my “smash the computer and burn down my house” frustration.

Thanks, Ill email you my mocha file…
Is there a toggle keyboard shortcuts on/off? its really random how I sometimes can and sometimes cant shuttle through my clip.

It could be a focus issue: Sometimes if you are changing parameters the focus will stay in one of the fields (usually the frame field). If you just click back int he viewer you should get those controls back.

Hi canadavid,
Apple Intermediate Codec should be fine. When in doubt, try using Animation. I normally recommend using an image sequence, but FCP doesn’t like those as much.
Here’s the checklist to make sure FCP and mocha play nice:

  1. Make sure your frame rates are the same in both programs
  2. Make sure your aspect ratio are the same in both programs
  3. Make sure your frame offset/timecode are the same in both programs
  4. Make sure your field order are the same in both programs if you are using interlaced footage.
  5. If you are using corner pin data and the footage you are affecting is not the same dimensions as your FCP sequence you may need to set up a nested clip and use Align Surface. Let me know if you need more help here.
    Mocha AE and mocha Pro have exactly the same tracking engines so you should not see differing results when you track if you are using the same project file. You may have different default preferences set however which can change things.
    If you want some more direct help and need to send me some files, feel free to email me on martinb[at]imagineersystems{dot}com.