Mocha AE plugin opens mocha with incorrect frames?

Apologies I am a newbie to the AE Mocha plugin . (nuke user)
So I have a 25 frame clip which I added Mocha AE plugin onto the clip.
When I press the Mocha button, Mocha opens with 24 frames.
(Ae timelime 0-24 , Mocha timeline 0-23 )

What up with that?

Odd. It could be the interpretation.
Is this specifically a sequence or an actual clip, such as prores?
Is there any timestretch on the footage layer?
What does the frame count say in the project view for the footage?

No time stretch and its prores quicktime. Not sure why it did that, however, when I dragged the same clip to a new Comp & reapplied Mocha, it worked fine. So something funky must be going on my timeline. Thanks for the feedback,