Mocha AE plugin Project save Fail

So mocha AE plugin has a fatal flaw that left me burned. I regularly back up my online production drive, and that saved my bacon when it just blinked out of existence (bad disk, no signs of data, etc). Bought replacement. Restored data. Loaded Premiere Pro project. It was pre my most recent changes (half day).

I mistakenly thought that the mocha AE plugin kept a useful backup. It does not. Apparently it is for your current, active session only. When you close it and go back into PPro, bye-bye previous sessions. So when I went to recover my roto on a scene done in Mocha AE plugin, no sign.

This is a bad defect in an auto save. Auto save in name only, crippled for real life needs. Please address this fail.

Thank you, we will pass that on to the dev team. (See below)


Hey there,

Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. It’s clear autosave needs additional work to make it fail-safe.
We’re all about saving time, so it pains me to hear you’ve had to redo work!

We’ll look into it!

@woknowcomcast-net I’d like to understand the precise scenario you encountered so that we can address it. Can you please confirm the version of the Mocha Pro plug-in you are using?

When you restored the Premiere project from the previous day, didn’t it contain the Mocha data from that day?

Mocha’s autosave is designed to handle the situation where Mocha or the host crashes while the Mocha window is open. Once you close the Mocha window, the host’s autosave will save the latest Mocha project data into its own autosave file. Is that not what happened in this case?

One thing we could build is a backup of e.g. the last ten Mocha autosaves, stored in a known location that could be loaded manually. Given your drive failed though, would this have helped?



Version: Version 5.6.0 build 1601.gcc41335b663b
Build Date Feb 2 2018

Yes, this would have been perfect. The mocha auto save was set to a different drive :blush:

Exact Scenario: My project drive E:, I do a daily backup to another internal drive and an external.

My documents folder is on drive D: also backed up (auto weekly) the as needed by manual implementation.

I had been using the Mocha plugin quite heavily day after day. I presumed the data was being saved internally with the Premiere or AE project and just went merrily along my way.

I had backed up E: in the morning to cover some late night work.

Worked through the day and backed up at “end of day” I worked more after that, that evening and

Got sloppy, crashed around 1am w/o another backup pass.

The next morning, I had a unique experience where I opened my Premiere project, started working and it fairly quickly crashed. I restarted premiere and the opening screen looked like a “fresh install” ie. None of my recent projects and the tutorial project you would see with a fresh install.

Uh Oh! My drive gronked, no show in BIOS, no data scan, removed and ran an array of restore attempts,

The mocha auto save folder was clean, except for two files that had saved with that mornings session and contained no useful session recovery, and there were no “history” saves. This is the feature possibility you referenced that I think would be wonderful. :blush: