Mocha AE stops responding in AE 2023 upon launch

Hello everyone,

I am currently running Windows 11 AE 2023 and am running into an issue where I receive a pop up window of “Thank you from Boris FX” upon opening Mocha AE to track a shot. This causes both Mocha and the popup window to become unresponsive, and forces me to close both and thus rendering me unable to use Mocha entirely.

I actually had been able to open Mocha several times before this happened to attempt tracking a shot and creating my track data in AE a few times, so I am unsure of what’s causing this issue. Any help is appreciated! Screenshot of the window in question:

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It may not be the pop-up specifically, it could just be at the same time as the Mocha window loading.

Is this window coming up every time now?

Yes, the “thank you” menu and the Mocha window appear at the same time now, and I can’t close it without having to force quit Mocha64 AE.

Let’s try to eradicate the pop-up as a start to see if that is the problem.

Can you go to your registry editor and find the Mocha AE Plugin preferences under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/BorisFX then locate “FirstRun” and set the value to “false” (lowercase).

Make sure you’ve closed After Effects then try opening it again.

This should tell Mocha that the initial setup is done and the window shouldn’t appear. If this doesn’t work there’s another preference you can change.

The setting you want to add is called
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BorisFX\Mocha AE Plugin 9\DontShowOfferAgain
which needs to be set to a string (REG_SZ) with the value “true”.
I’ve attached a .reg file that you can uncompress and double-click on from Windows Explorer.
Mocha AE Plugin 9 - (388 Bytes)

@el.gumbo Did this change work for you?

Yes, this change fixed the issue! Thank you!

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Thanks, we’ll flag a defect to see if we can find out why this dialog would be causing problems.

@el.gumbo Do you have any network permissions or firewalls/port blocking? This dialog can check for updates but should default to the local installation if it can’t find a network. If we can have a copy of your log from the Help menu that will help.

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