Mocha AE Tracking Dots on moving video not working

I have a window that I am trying to track, to make a mask to cut it out. I have red dots on the corners of the window that match the movement of the camera track. I am using X Spline to make the track points and starting from half way within the clip. The track points veer off their marks. They are very obvious track points and I assumed mocha would be able to handle such a straight forward task. I am using tiff exports as the clip source too.

Mocha is a texture tracker and you aren’t tracking the window, you especially are not tracking points in mocha, you are tracking a pattern of pixels moving similarly to get the overall broad motion. Here you’re tracking the glass and the reflection over that glass as well as whatever is through it. Instead, track the frame of the window in one layer. Next, link this glass roto to the frame track in link to track and you should get much better results.

Try that and let me know.


So I have tried exporting it a the raw footage and tracking using just the footage and still Mocha is unable to handle it. Doesn’t seem to be able to grasp it for some reason. Which is crazy as it’s a very basic track, not a fast work flow at all.

You’re still tracking the window. Don’t. Track the window frame. The reflection is going to ruin your track.

I need to remove the window not the frame. This is the issue. Unless I’m missing something important about the track?


I understand that. But first, you must track the window frame. Next, you link that inner shape to that track in layer properties>link to track. You can’t track a reflection and have it move the same as the window.