Mocha AE "tracking ends prematurely" in Mac Mojave trying to track

A student of mine is using Mocha AE on ACC 2020 on a Mac with an i5 and 8GB Ram. Tracking a small short 10 second clip that tracks fine on my computer (windows 10) but fails no matter where he places the x-spline. It will track for a few frames then error out saying track failed prematurely. There is no additional error of why. I have suggested clearing cache, closing and trying a completely different file and that does not change. I gave suggestions on changing graphics card settings and waiting on that, but still nothing that we can figure out.

We would need to see the shot in question and their Mocha log.

You can get the log from Help > View log…

If the shot is tracking to begin with, that means the card isn’t failing, but some other factor may be going on.

I’ve edited your topic slightly since Mocha AE doesn’t not specifically crash (a crash is a sudden closure or hang of the program causing a loss of data).

So one of my students tried turning off GPU acceleration and that fixed the issue. This apparently seems to be a mac only issue and could be connected to Iris graphics, which was the integrated card on their systems. There might be a bug issue there because as each of them have just installed Adobe After Effects fresh within the past few days.

Their GPU card is almost certainly not compatible. Thanks for letting us know.