Mocha AE Tracking Fails within one frame

Hey There!

I recently Got a late 2015 iMac for after effects any simple Mocha tracking is failing within a couple frames or not sticking to the object at all.

When I attempted the same tracks on my laptop It tracked without any issues.

Hi there,

You need to turn off your GPU tracking in Mocha and that will solve your issue. Go to Mocha>file>preferences, under the GPU tab, either select a supported GPU (or turn GPU tracking off if a supported GPU is not available), and save and close, save and close your host and restart the host (ae).

Supported GPUs: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

It’s likely your GPU or GPU driver isn’t supported, so your best bet will be turning off GPU processing entirely.

Just to be sure: Do you have the latest After Effects version? What Mocha AE version are you running?