Mocha AE User Survey - please participate

Greetings Mocha users,
Please take a moment and participate in our Mocha User Survey.


We are looking for feedback, feature requests, success stories and general input from all levels and types of Mocha users. (Mocha Pro, Mocha AE, Mocha HitFilm, and Continuum/Sapphire users all welcome).

Survey Link: Mocha User Survey - December 2019

Over $5k in software prizes and more!
As our way of saying thanks, Boris FX will randomly pick 5 prize winners from the registered entrants. To be entered into the contest drawing, users must submit their name and email address.

There are not many questions, so this should take approximately 5 minutes. Additional comments are very welcome and your time is appreciated.

Boris FX will not share your responses or data with any 3rd party. View our privacy policy here.

Hi Ross,
I filled it out, and pressed done, but it took me back to an empty form. Does it send a confirmation mail or anything or will I need to do it again ?
many thanks

Thanks Shane. I will look into it and let you know.