Mocha AE warping my rotoscope

I’m trying to rotoscope my subject so text can appear behind my subject afterwards. But no matter how many tutorials I follow making sure I do every single step my subject isn’t rotoscoped/separated, but instead warped on a path where it’s scaling and stretching.

This issue only occurs when I want to export my track data into my After Effects project. As a test this time around I’m only tracking his ear, but either way it still does it.

I start doing something at 8 seconds. This is after i cntl + s and exited out of mocha. I tried exporting with both corner pin and corner pin with motion blur and it still does the same thing. The only thing that looks to work is by choosing create AE masks, but isn’t there something bad with that? Also I plan on rotoscoping different parts of my subjects face, how would i do that where it rotoscopes each one? Let me know how to fix this! Thank you in advance.

Hi, try applying the shape data instead of the tracking data. Shapes come in as splines, tracking comes in as corner pins. This is working as expected but your export is just incorrect. Happily, this is a very easy fix. Either use “apply matte” or “create AE masks.”