Mocha AE Will Not Start After Fresh Install


I’m using the most recent version of AE (22.2.0) and am working off of a clean re-install of AE after attempting to reinstall it after discovering Mocha wouldn’t work.

I’ve tried restarting, using a different clip, starting AE outside of Premiere (trying to replace a clip inside of Premiere with a AE composition), everything. Not sure why Mocha AE will not start. I’ve clicked the Mocha AE selection inside of Effect and in Animation. Neither will start. It just acts like I haven’t clicked anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Will Mocha not launch at all or will it not track? If it won’t launch at all, let me know what machine and what OS you are on, and what video card you are using?

Exact same problem. Just tried reinstalling AE, updating GFX card drivers, restarted my PC, but when I click Mocha AE from the animation menu, nothing happens (Nothing in task manager either for Mocha).

Hi Mary,

Thanks for getting back to me. It won’t launch at all. I click it in both options (under Effect and in Animation). AE just acts like I’ve done nothing at all.

My machine is a Dell Precision 7550. OS is Windows 10, version 21H1. My GPU is a NVIDIA RTX Quadro 4000.

Are you getting any kind of crash log? Can you try downloading and installing a trial of Mocha Pro and see if that will launch? Boris FX | Downloads

If it doesn’t, we can narrow down the issue. And maybe get a log.

Hi Mary,

Sorry for the delay in response. Circling back to this to see if I can get it resolved.

Where would I typically find a crash log? I just installed a trial of Mocha Pro and that also did not launch.

Hi there,

You should be able to find it in C:\Users\MaryP\AppData\Local\BorisFX\mocha.log

Can you let me know if you see any crash errors in it? It might be quite long, I only need the most recent parts.



Found the logs. No crash errors at all. Last entry in the log is just:

[Image Cache]: Using image cache directory 'C:\Users\mcorn\AppData\Local\Temp\BorisFX\Mocha AE Plugin\ImageCache

But that’s just for MochaAE. Trying out Pro - it just gives a lot on entry in the logs about the license, which makes sense as it’s just a trial for Pro.

Can you email me the Mocha Pro log? You said that was also still crashing?

@user70 Can you also supply log details, please?

You can find the mocha.log file at:

  • Win10: %localappdata%\BorisFX\mocha.log (%localappdata% is usually C:\Users[yourusername]\AppData\Local)
  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/BorisFX/mocha.log

Yes it was. I’ll send you a email here shortly.

Thank you, got the email, and forwarded it to @Martinb so we can take a look.

Is there any update to this ? I am, and have been having this same issue since AE21 and haven’t been able to use MochaAE in a while. I can’t even find the preferences to delete.

Click on Launch in Mocha AE, Get a spinning circle for about a sec then nothing happens. Just acts as if I didn’t even click it.

We are trying to get to the bottom of this still. Working with @martinb and the dev team on a solution.

Hi! Writing because I’m having the same issue. MochaAE is simply not launching. I’ve deleted preferences, reinstalled After Effects, updated operating system, to no avail. I’m working on a MacOS Monterey v12.3; AE version is 22.2.1

Let me know if a solution is found!

Hi all,

If you’re able to, can you install the After Effects beta version and let us know if you get the same launch issue?

Can everyone also tell me the size and bit depth of the footage they’re applying Mocha AE to?

For me the footage size doesn’t matter. I’ve tried 720, 1080, 4K it won’t open for anything. Don’t know the bitrates. I believe it stopped working for me on version 18.0.0 but don’t 100% remember.

It’s not working on 22.2.1. I just get the loading circle which then stops but Mocha AE doesn’t open.

It’s also not working on 18.4.1. The difference on that version of AE is that it crashes the program every time. Also tried installing 18.0.0 and that crashes as well.

Also tried the BETA and still didn’t work

Tried reinstalling drivers on GTX 1070. Both Studio and Game Ready and neither worked. Same thing happens.

Also can someone tell me where the preferences are so I can delete them. I can’t find them.