Mocha AE will only track with Proxy

Hello, I am trying to track footage using Mocha AE 7.5.0 build 1284.g70f8ee7e3fe2 in AE 2021. I have tried ProRes 422 and PNG sequences both at 3840x2160 as well as 1920x1080. When I launch Mocha I get the Confirm Proxy Tracking dialogue that says, “The host is not set to full resolution” and the options are suppress warning, cancel and continue. If I continue the footage comes in but is locked to 480x270. Is this just a limitation of Mocha AE?ConfirmProxyTracking

This may be because your view resolution is set lower. In the Viewer in After Effects, is the dropdown on the bottom second from the left set to Full, or is it set to Quarter/Half/Third?

Set to full.

And you currently have the proxy set?

I have not set any proxies. This is just the default behavior. I select my footage, apply the effect, click the launch Mocha button and the first thing I see is the confirm proxy tracking dialogue.

I have been reading the user manual trying to find any reference at all to proxy settings or the use of proxies and so far I cant find anything. I can’t figure out how to set a proxy, other than the after effects workflow, let alone unset one.

I get the same message when my AE viewer is set to anything lower than FULL.

I always get it. Including when it’s set to full.

A clean install of AE seems to have fixed this but unfortunately all my project files are corrupted by this scenario. I hate messing with software in any way in the middle of a project so a reinstall is not ideal. Moreover I lost a couple days of work as a result of the corrupted project files. I guess the take away here is that you get what you pay for and relying on the “non-pro” version of Mocha for professional work is probably a mistake. The real head scratcher for me is why include it all if it isn’t reliable or supported. Seems an uncomfortable arrangement between Boris FX and Adobe.

This is the first time we have seen this bug, if it is our bug, so we will do what we can to figure out what is happening here. It’s less about “non-pro” and more about build releases. We will look into it.

Fair enough, my comment regarding “non-pro” is based on the response I received after trying to submit a support ticket:

Unfortunately, we don’t offer support for Mocha AE, as it comes as “standard” with AE. We only offer support for Mocha Pro.

As a standard AE filter, Adobe should be able to offer support.

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Victor Lee

Ah, ok, that. We support AE as best we can on our forums, let me touch base with our support team for clarification. :slight_smile: If you think you have found a bug, we will let @martinb know.

A bug is a bug and we take it seriously. I’d be curious to know if you see the same problem in After Effects 2022 which uses a much more recent version of Mocha AE.
As Mary says, the Pro and the AE versions of Mocha are built on the same base: Mocha AE just doesn’t have all the features. A proxy reading issue would occur in all versions.

What i’m trying to get to the bottom of is why AE would still be sending the plugin a proxy resolution when you don’t have it set.

When you say your files are now corrupted, what happened?

My files are corrupted in that the same problem persists on those files but does not occur on any new projects now that I reinstalled AE.

Can you go to the Mocha AE file menu in the problem project and export the project file? We’d like to take a look.

It’s client work so I can’t share any project files. Sorry.

I don’t need the footage, just the mocha project file, but if that’s too difficult to obfuscate then we will have to leave it and hope you don’t see the same problem again. It’s hard to diagnose the problem without actually seeing it firsthand.

Fair enough. As I said I reinstall seemed to resolve things and if you haven’t heard of it before it seems likely to be a fluke more than a bug.