Mocha AE won't track out of frame

I noticed Mocha cannot track any objects that move out of frame. (I get the annoying “Tracking Layer Terminated Prematurely” alert. Can Mocha Pro track objects that move out of frame?

Mocha can only track textures it can see onscreen but of course @martinb and I have often wistfully discussed extrapolating the track trajectory… however, right now this is not possible. It exists in the realm of desired feature requests.

SO for now you can simply move the shape to a similarly moving object while the object goes offscreen and comes back on and then move the shape back to the object. It’s a cheater “offset tracking” technique that works very well.

Try that and let me know?

@davidcummins7 I’m not clear on what is being asked here. Can you provide a specific example of what you’re trying to do?