Mocha and 16 cores CPU

I have AMD Threadripper 1950x, 64 gb of RAM and, Nvidia 1070, ssd and m2 ssd.
Can Mocha handle all of that power or no? Now it seems like it works similar to old i5 4670k. The same optimization issue I have with Adobe Premiere Pro and AE… my 1950x works in that applications more worse than even i7 6700k.
Right now during the tracking I can see my CPU loads to 4% and GPU to 8%. My PC like sleeps during tracking. Why?

Mocha GPU tracking is optimized for Nvidia cards, and might not support your AMD card optimally. Are you using GPU acceleration when you track? You can adjust that in your preferences, and you can also see if the card is supported in those preferences.

Please check and let me know and I will be happy to help you.


New RTX 2080 and 2080 TI and comming out RTX 2070 Support Raytracking and OpenCL 2.0.

So, I’m really curious…does anyone at Mocha or Boris think that RayTracing will make any difference? If so, have you tested it? Any thoughts at all about whether this feature will matter?


Windows 10 october was to have Support For Direct X Rar Tracing.

So mocha doesnt work well on AMD cards? - open CL?

I have 4x Vega GPUs & 4x Polaris rx 580’s (in diff Machines) for Compute work… some of the compute work loads we use on vega are 25-45% faster than 1080ti thats why we got them…

its a bit sad if AMD cards are not supported…or optimized… is Mocha nVidia sponsored ?

Please see our supported Graphics Card list here, we do support some AMD cards: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

Thanks I have seen the list… its an old list form 2014… no new AMD cards (open CL 2.0 i guess you wouldnt need to ) … I would say it would be keen to see a comparison between say a nvidia 1080 vs vega 64 - ie. in tracking… also do you know what language is being used… open CL 1.2 or higher and is cuda used for nvidia or also openCL for all cards… also keen to know what FP64 or FP32 or 16 opencl rendering …keen to know it will arm us to choose the right hardware etc… and optimize workflow. many thanks - Gareth

NVidia Rtx has OpenCL 2.0 :slight_smile:

so does vega :slight_smile: