Mocha and 4k on a 1080 timeline

Hey. I’m working in Premiere pro cc with GH4 4k footage on a 1080 timeline. Right clicking on a clip replacing it with a AE comp. Then I open Mocha and track my clip. Then what, if I want to stabilize my footage back in AE?

  • So far the data from Mocha doesn’t seem work right. Wrong scale and position. Everything is off…

Any ideas on how to use Mocha with 4k on 1080 timeline through AE?



/Per :relaxed:

Hi Per,

How are you exporting the data back to AE? Via inverted corner pin or transform?

I have tried to export inverted transform data, and data from the stabilize module. Nothing works so far…

I think the problem is that mocha is brining in the full clip, so you’re getting the transformations at that resolution.
The only solutions I can think of here is to either:

A) Render to 1080 scale and then send that clip to mocha.
B) Track the 4K clip then scale it down to 1080 as a precomp in AE.

We don’t have the same issue with shapes, because the shape effect scales to the resolution, but for tracking data, it’s always going to use the native clip size.

Ok. I think you are right.
What a shame. My idea was to bring in the scaled down version so that the added scale when stabilizing didn’t cost me any loss of resolution.
But I think I found a script that allows you to track precomps in Mocha. That should do the trick I think. It’s called Mochaimport+ V5.

Thanks a lot Martin! :relaxed:


I highly recommend MochaImport+. Many useful tools!