Mocha and Green Screen

How to make mocha factor in Chroma Key applied? I tried nesting but it looks like size changes and achor point is moved. Wacky.

The worst of all Mocha slows down like crazy and gives an illegal clip error once you nest.

Well, you’re asking AE to process a lot of data and then feed that into Mocha first. That’s where your slowdown is coming from. Why do you need it keyed before you go into Mocha?

Because once I nest the green screen either shifts its positions and sheer or both. Not always but half the time. I don’;t know what’s going on there.

Well, you will definitely take a speed hit the more you process footage on the fly before pathing it into Mocha. You might need to just see where the shift is coming from, like a shadow, reflection, or other problem. Make sure you track one plane at a time as well, not a multiplanar section at once. That should help.