Mocha and In-and-Out Points

So I’m doing a lot of layers in one long clip (an edited collection of best shots). Many clips of tracking, occlusion, masks AND inserts. One thing that is driving me crazy is layer vs. clip in and out points. I kept running into the problem of all my layers and their inserts were showing at the same time, instead of their own little sections. I realized that if I have a layer selected and I change an in point on the main timeline, the layer changes. In many cases, when I wanted to see my entire project without in and out points, I would reset them. That’s when ALL my layers were changed to have the same in and out points.

What’s the secret to working with these beasts? I must be missing something since it seems so simple. I’m running Mocha Pro 5.6 AE plugin.

What host? As in, are you in AE or Premiere? I see you’re using the AE version of Mocha Pro, but it works in both.

I do not recommend working in one long clip for Mocha ever. Trim your clips into shots. That will get rid of any workflow errors. If you’re in AE, AE is built more for individual shots and it’s an unwieldy workflow to use a long clip in this way.

However, you should be able to trim the Mocha Pro project in and out points, but note that this is not the same as the Mocha layer in and out points.

My solid best suggestion though is to split your project out into clips, or at lease trimmed precomps in a larger long comp. You’ll have a much easier time.