Mocha apply matte making duplicate frames

I have tried the past 3 versions of mocha pro and am using Premiere pro 13.1.5 on windows.

When I hit apply matte randomly in the video mocha will duplicate the previous frames matte (i.e 1,2,3,3,5,6,7 etc.). this of course makes that frame disjointed.
I have tried clearing the cache for both premiere and Mocha. I also went from mocha 2019, 2019.5, and 2020. Nothing will clear the duplicate frame.
When in mocha Pro the duplicate frames are not there.
The file is a Prores 422.

How odd! Can you send us the clip so we can check this out? I’m not sure what would be causing that short of a frame format issue. ProRes is usually pretty solid. If you start the project from scratch with the same clip do you see the same issue?

Is there any motion blur on the layer?

I can when i’am back at work.
I also can not export shape data to premiere. nothing goes to the clipboard. This happens at home and at work on different projects.

This is a long-standing issue that the Adobe Premiere team needs to fix on the Premiere clipboard side. It appears to be fixed in Premiere 2020 but not completely, as you still need to switch in and out of Premiere for the clipboard to register.