Mocha: are there keys for locking drag to horizontal or vertical movement?

In most Adobe products the user can hold down a key (usually Shift) after clicking to drag an object in exactly horizontal or vertical movements. I was looking for the same in Mocha AE, but none of the usual candidates (Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) did the trick. Can somebody please advise how to do this or (gulp) if it’s not possible? (That would be a pity…)


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Hi, In Mocha Alt + Shift will enlarge from the centre horizontal or vertical if you select the middle point on the edge of the white dotted Transform box
Or Alt + Shift will scale the box/spline from the centre & keep aspect ratio if you drag the corners,
Alt + Shift will also limit the movement of the box/spline to horizontal or vertical directions if you hover on the edge of the white Transform box & get the Move cursor,
Is this what you are wanting?


Yep, the third scenario is the one I need. Thanks! BTW, you wouldn’t happen to know if there’s a way to view rulers along the edges of the viewer or a fixed grid or just an x,y readout of the cursor position? I tried searching for awhile and came up empty. Thanks again.

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I don’t think there is a ruler or an XY grid option, it would be nice to have one :+1:
The only thing i can think of that might help is to create a spline, (don’t track anything) add a grid to the insert, use the control at the top to expand to entire screen, use the controls in the Insert tab to alter the opacity & get it how you’d like, then use that as a guide, move the spline off screen so it’s out of the way​:man_shrugging::thinking: Or add a generated grid to the media in the host that you can remove after you’ve finished,

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Brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that. Thanks. Have you ever done any ad hoc Mocha tutoring (for pay, of course) by chance? I’m getting stymied by some tracking issues on a project with a fast-moving camera and some people/parts passing over a make-shift greenscreen. If you might be interested please send me a direct message on here with your hourly rate. If no interest, that’s cool. :grin:


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Hi, thanks n much appreciated but I’m a joiner, i stick nails in bits of wood for a living :joy::+1:
I’ve put on Google Drive a couple of PNG’s you could try out, 3840x2160, i made them in CAD, 100mm sq in CAD so that’ll be in pixels now, I think :man_shrugging::joy::+1:
the white one i applied as a composite layer in the host, then added Mocha to the layer above,

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I will tag @Martinb with this for a potential feature request.