Mocha Cleanplate tracking?

Hi, someone just posted a clip about whether Mocha will remove a reflection,
I thought i’d try this, but after creating a cleanplate i can never get the cleanplate to follow the tracking,
Is it supposed to follow a track, it just seems to stay static & so is wrong as the camera moves?

First, you would need to properly track the movement of the window but avoid the reflection itself and the depth elements in the background as they are on different planes. You screen shot does not show what you tracked, so can’t tell if it was tracked well.

Then I would only mask the reflection bits with a soft edge so your remove is isolated to the reflection bits to remove.

Last - if you created 1 clean frame, make sure the clean plate module is set to that particular frame.


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Thanks i’ll have another go, think i got my tracks interfering with each other,
this is what i tracked, i know mocha doesn’t like reflections or flat featureless planes so i picked contrasting features, that looked like the were on the same plane, I have quite good luck with the Remove normally when it has a background to copy but the cleanplate option always throws me a bit,

& then this is the area to remove with the cleanplate

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