Mocha Clipboard / Cache Not Updating

Having issues with exporting Tracking Data:

The clipboard/cache does not update, change.

I performed an experiment. First I exported a 34 frame track [1565-1598] and pasted them into a solid in AE. Then I deleted the keyframes in both Mocha and AE, re-tracked just 4 frames [1595-1598]. Exported that tracking data with the same settings. Upon pasting the keyframes into AE no changes were made. All the original keyframes were brought in.

How can I clear the clipboard without creating a new Mocha Project each time?

Hi there,

Not getting an export out of the plugin is to do with After Effects not registering the clipboard from plugins. See the release notes for details of this defect.
The workaround for this is very simple: Just alt-tab out of After Effects and back in again after you have exported the data. You should then be able to paste.
We have reported this clipboard problem to Adobe so they should address it in their next update.
Try that and let us know if it works for you!



Cleared everything in C:/MoTemp. Re-keyed, re-exported, re-pasted. Results: The last 4 frames were correct. However, all previous keyframes were pasted into AE.


Thanks for the Alt Tab Tip. I will try this.

What happens if you make a new solid?


ALT Tab was the answer.

Perfect, happy to help! :slight_smile: