Mocha Continuum (standalone) won't open .mov file

We have conducted several interviews in a studio setting. We are trying to key out the white background to create an infinite white background. Not much luck with the native keying in Final Cut Pro, so we are trying Mocha Continuum (standalone version). However, we keep getting a “the file is corrupted or in an unsupported format” message in Mocha Continuum. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mocha Continuum (standalone version) ? I think you need to name this better/correctly.
Mocha Pro & Continuum are different,
Mocha Pro can be purchased as a plugin or as a separate Standalone program,
Continuum is a plugin added to existing editing programs.

This just means the format can’t be read. What is the codec you are using? You might need to convert it to a different format.