Mocha crashes after effects

I was running Mocha 5.02 plugin in After Effects CS6 on a mac pro, os El Capitan, with 24 gigs of ram, Quadro 4000 and 2nd GPU driving monitors. Everything was running fine for a couple of weeks after the .02 upgrade, then I had a random crash. Now I can load the project, launch mocha, play clips in mocha, create splines, etc. But as soon as I hit “track” it mocha crashes and takes down AE with it. In case it was just the project file or the clip that was corrupted I have created new project with new clips and it still happens. I have uninstalled AE and Mocha and re-installed. No joy. Thinking it’s a corrupted pref or .lib file? Anyone have an idea? Thanks for any suggestions.

Try clearing the mocha and AE cache:

  • In AE, clear from Edit -> Purge -> All Memory and Disk Cache...
  • In the mocha GUI, clear from File -> Clear Cache and choose "Global Cache".
If you still experience crashes, also try turning off the GPU tracker in Preferences under the GPU tab. Are you using Nvidia web drivers or the native system driver?

If the crashes persist, please send us your crash log and mocha log (from the help menu): martinb[at]