Mocha crashes constantly on layer rename

Mac OSX (10.5.3, but has done this with prior versions) … Mocha 1.2.0 crashes constantly, but especially on the rename of a layer once more than (approximately) 6 layers have been created and tracked. Mocha will allow me to create, track, and use more layers, but none can be renamed, repositioned (in vertical order) or deleted in the same .mocha file from that point on.

This is one of many, many, many bugs that mocha still enjoys, most of which will cause random crashes or other bizarre behavior. For the most part I’ve been holding back on complaining, as I saved quite a bit when you offered the huge discount in January, but this particular bug has now cost me more man hours than I saved BY FAR by buying this product.

As a side note, would never, under any circumstances, recommend the current build to anyone trying to use this program on OSX in anything but a comically unprofessional environment.

Hello Michael

Thank you for your much needed feedback.
I’m very sorry you are having troubles with random crashes, the good news is that we are just finishing off with a newer build that will address a lot of these issues.

Sadly all these particular bugs are related primarily to the mac build and have been a real pain to locate and fix.

As soon as the new builds are available I will post it on the forum.