Mocha crashes when tracking in remove module

I’m getting mocha to freeze up and crash whenever I’m tracking in the remove module but only when I dial up the contrast beforehand in the preprocessing box and with the display preview box toggled on.

Tracks without crashing when tracking normally but crashes if I used preprocessing with it too. Which is annoying cause the shot I’m working on is grainy that feature is helpful. Think it’s a bug but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

Hoping for a fix/ solution from here.

Does it also crash when you use preprocessing but preview box is toggled off?

Yes, it only seems to crash when I use anything within the preprocessing feature. If I leave it alone, it tracks without any problem.

Thanks for letting us know about this Mike.

I’ve not been able to reproduce it yet. Can you supply your Mocha log from the Help menu under “View log” please? Just attach the whole file.

Nov 01 16:01:55 (mochaui) Mocha shut down (mpp-adobe)
Nov 01 16:01:55 (mochaui) [RepriseLicenseManager]: checking in mpp-adobe
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) SentryCrashReporter: closed
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Commenced logging at Tue Nov 1 16:01:57 2022
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Plugin host id: ‘AfterEffects’
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Build Date Sep 14 2022
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Version 9.5.4 build 15.gc02196055959 mac_arm64.
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Mac OS X 10.18 64-bit
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [Settings] Path: /Users/michaelserksnas/Library/Preferences/com.borisfx.Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5.plist
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) SentryCrashReporter: initialised [userID: “8555828ebf204a5885025c749fdfe922”, env: “Release”, path: “/Users/michaelserksnas/Library/Application Support/BorisFX/Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5/SentryReports”]
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [RepriseLicenseManager]: Feature version 20220420
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [RepriseLicenseManager]: initialised with licence dir /Library/Application Support/GenArts/rlm
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [RepriseLicenseManager]: successfully checked out ‘mpp-adobe’ version 20221106
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [RepriseLicenseManager]: license expires 2022-12-10
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) Locale: default
Nov 01 16:01:57 (mochaui) [Image Cache]: Using image cache directory ‘/Volumes/Extreme SSD/Mocha cache’
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Setting up 244 actions for usage logging
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Setting up GL widget WITH vertical sync
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) **************** GPU Information ****************
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Platform:
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Profile: FULL_PROFILE
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Version: OpenCL 1.2 (Sep 30 2022 01:38:14)
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Name: Apple
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Vendor: Apple
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Extensions: cl_APPLE_SetMemObjectDestructor cl_APPLE_ContextLoggingFunctions cl_APPLE_clut cl_APPLE_query_kernel_names cl_APPLE_gl_sharing cl_khr_gl_event
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui)
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Device:
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Name: Apple M1 Max (display)
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Vendor: Apple
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Version: OpenCL 1.2
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Driver version: 1.2 1.0
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Global memory size: 21.3 GiB
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Local memory size: 32.0 KiB
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Number of computing units: 24
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Maximum work group size: 256
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Maximum work item dimension: 3
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Maximum work item sizes: (256, 256, 256)
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Maximum clock frequency: 1000 MHz
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Available for tracking: yes
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Available for remove: yes
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) *************************************************
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) ***************** GPU Settings ******************
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Texture RAM Allocation: 256
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) VSync: On
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Offscreen Buffers: On
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) GPU: On
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Used for: Track Remove ImageProc
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) GPU Selected: Automatic
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) Unsupported: Off
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) *************************************************
Nov 01 16:01:58 (mochaui) TaskManager: checking internal task status (0)
Nov 01 16:01:59 (mochaui) Using at most 80 percent of system memory
Nov 01 16:02:00 (mochaui) Checked for software updates: Success

Mocha_crash_log.pdf (278.7 KB)

I sent the crash report as a pdf. This is the most recent attempt and crash.

Thanks, Mike, this helps. We can see an error here that might be related to your problem. I’ll talk with the dev team when they are in the office today.

Thank you

Hi Mike, sadly the crash report is not helping us. . Instead, can you grab the explicit system report that appears when the program crashes? It will look like this:
mocha crashed report button

Press the “Report…” button and then copy the text from the field and paste this information to a text file, then attach:

Hey Martin,
Sorry it took me so long to reply but here’s a most recent crash using the same thing and still crashing. (250.0 KB)

Here’s a pdf version of it, just in case I uploaded the text file wrong.

Mocha_Error_2.pdf (4.5 MB)

Thanks, i’ll send this to the dev team and see if they can see anything useful to track this problem down.

Just so I’m clear, this ONLY happens after you’ve been using preprocessing?

What happens if you do the track then turn preprocessing off?

Can I also see screen grab of your current memory pressure in the activity monitor?

Yes, it freezes up and then my Mac tells me that mocha froze up suggesting me to force quit. I have a couple times ignored that suggestion and waited and started to track but most the time it quits by itself.

When I reopen, mocha will suggest renaming a previously crashed and unsaved file when I “quit”.

When I don’t use preprocessing it tracks forward/backward just fine. But the preprocessing provides ways better details for trapping better tracking spots. Just really annoying.

Here’s a screen grab you wanted

Also, below is another screen grab that may/may not be related. Whenever I go into preferences and check for recent updated versions I get this. Never use to do that