Mocha crashing in BCC with Vegas Pro

On Thursday, November 19th I was editing a single video clip in Vegas Pro 18 using Primatte Studio in BCC 14. Everything seemed normal and I was creating an outside Mask Shape using the inbuilt Mocha Mask.

On Friday, November 20th I wanted to continue editing the clip but when I selected the Mocha Mask in BCC, I saw a white flash down the left-hand edge of my monitor and Vegas Pro froze up. I tried several times but Mocha would not start.

Last week I remember having had several Microsoft updates to my Windows 10 Home Operating System, and I believe that one of these updates has altered the stability of BCC.

I found the BCC log in AppData/Roaming and noticed that before the problem started my OS was correctly listed as Windows 10 Home 10.0 but after the problem, my OS is now listed as Windows 8 Pro 6.2. I am using the same machine, so I can’t understand why BCC thinks my OS has changed?

I also found the Imagineer log in AppData/Local and see there is a message: “GStreamer was chosen in Mocha settings as the Video Files Engine but it is not supported. Some file formats will be unavailable.” I downloaded a modified version of Gstreamer specifically to work with Transcribe, which has nothing to do with video editing - and I do not undersatand how this application has been selected to work with BCC?

I have used Microsoft’s SFC and DISM tools but they tell me that nothing is wrong with Windows.

I am suspicious of one file that the Microsoft upate installed: Microsoft.ZuneVideo, but other than that I am at a loss as what I should do next to restore my computer so that I can continue using BCC?

I attach the reliability monitor chart to show how my computer has gone unstable since the Microsoft updates started on November 13th.

UPDATE: I switched on today and suddenly Mocha seems to be working normally again. I am not aware that I did anything to cause this and it is possible that Windows has made a change to correct whatever was wrong.

Hi, Mike,

I’m glad to hear it’s working again for you, but can’t readily explain what might have been wrong. It is certainly possible that a later windows update (or driver update) resolved things.

As for some of your other questions, BCC uses a fairly generic OS call to report what version of Windows it is running, so the fact that it started reporting Windows 8 is odd. We’ll need to see if our OS detection mechanism is out of date. I wouldn’t expect that to cause runtime errors, though, since we mostly just use that as a diagnostic aid in the logs.

Regarding Gstreamer, Mocha is now using Gstreamer for video I/O, but that’s mostly only relevant when using standalone Mocha Pro. When using Mocha from within Continuum as a plugin the media is coming from the host itself so the Gstreamer components wouldn’t actually be in use.

If you do get additional failures, take note of whether Vegas pops up its Error Reporting Service dialog. If you see Vegas bring up that pane after a crash you can do the following to help us gather more info: Hold Ctrl+Shift when clicking the “Send” button. This will then point you to the ZIP file of the crash dump, which you can forward along to us for analysis.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for your comments. Vegas did pop up its Error Report panel after the crashes and I sent off the data several times. I notice that in the Vegas Folder there are several Zipped error reports, numbered up to ErrorReport-14. Should I send you one of these as an example?


Sure, please send along one two of the vegas error reports and your BCC.log file from:

You can send them to me via a private message in the forum. Just click on my pic/username and an option for Message will pop up.

Hello, is there a Sapphire log file?
I installed Sapphire 2021 trial, but my VEGAS Pro 18 can’t show it. I have checked that all sapphire files are not missing.

I am not using Sapphire. I think you should start a new post as you seem to have a different problem.

Hi, Mike,

Thanks for sending along the crash dumps and log file. One crash dump looked more like a host crash (or perhaps just an invalid crash dump). The other did show a crash in our rendering code, but an unusual one which doesn’t offer any clear clues as to the underlying issue. Can you clarify at what point it would crash. Were you re-launching the Mocha UI? Or were you just reopening a timeline with an existing Mocha track? If you get any more crashing please send along the logs.


Hi Jason,

I have had a few crash issues previously with earlier versions of Vegas (not involving Mocha) but this usually got resolved by an update of the application or GPU driver. I have never been sure about what the best settings are in Vegas to improve stability, and I see on forums that others are often confused about this. I followed the advice in this video, but am not certain that this will give the best results:

To answer your question: I was not aware of any problem at first, and I had done quite a lot of editing in the Mocha UI. I was trying out different ideas on what sort of mask I needed, and I had saved and deleted a couple of masks until I was reasonably happy with what I had drawn.

I was then doing something else on the Vegas timeline, and I tried to re-launch the Mocha UI and Vegas froze. I stopped Vegas using the Task Manager, but from then on nothing I did seemed to make the Mocha UI launch.

I set up a new project using the same video clip and tried to repeat what I had done, but when I tried to launch the Mocha UI for the first time, again Vegas froze.


Thanks for the additional details, Mike.

I wouldn’t expect the settings in that Vegas tuning video to affect Continuum + Mocha usage directly, at least as regards the crashing you saw. If you can still reproduce the crash at all - perhaps by opening an older copy of the project - we would love to continue researching the details. Sometimes a system can get “stuck” in a bad state and a reboot will cause a clean reload of the software, so perhaps the crashing disappeared for you after such a reboot. It is also possible the project file itself became corrupted leading to further errors when tying to reload it. At this point, if you get any additional crashing please send along the vegas crash dump files and any additional details on what has happening at the time of the crash, including perhaps project files if they make it possible to reproduce.