Mocha data copying to NUKE incorrectly

I have a Mocha project open and I am trying to copy the data into Nuke. It copies but the shape in Nuke is only a few keyframes. The motion is still and occasionally will jump to a new shape. I can export an image sequence of the shape that will work but I can’t use copy shape as I normally do.

Any ideas?

In Mocha, if you turn the surface tool on, can you always see the surface tool on screen for that shape?

I think it’s Nuke’s fault due to the original shot having a super high frame range. A basic roto in Nuke does the same thing. It will not interpolate between keyframes. Ugh. Wasting so much time with this today. What a waste.

Maybe not, render the mattes of all the work you did?

I re-rendered the original plate so it starts on the first frame and everything works now. Looks like Nuke might have issues with comps with really high frame values so I had to start the plates at frame 1 to get everything to work correctly.