Mocha Edge Feather Not Working

I’m currently doing a removal of a sign in the background of my shot as an actor walks by in the foreground. I created a clean plate, loaded it in, and results are great. The issue I’m having is in regards to the roto I have of my actor in the foreground (masking him from the remove in the background). No matter what I do to the edge feather, the edge is super sharp. In fact, sharp to the point of artifacting/blockiness. This issue was a recent development so I’m wondering if this is some glitch wth the new update of AE or if I’m missing something. I tried earlier version of AE but no luck Any advice would be great!

Your best bet it to “over remove” the sign into your guy who walks in front of the sign and then rotoscope him back over the top on another layer inside of AE with another instance of the Mocha Pro plugin. Bonus, you can apply motion blur to his roto automatically inside of Mocha Pro’s layer properties. This should sell the overlap much better than a straight remove. Remove is great for taking something out, but not so good for the finishing compositing when layers overlap.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.