Mocha Essentials Premium

Hi, just bought the premium version of Mocha Essentials and in the zip file it contains the video tutorials and a read me pdf but no exercise files or footage for the projects. Do I download them in a different location?

Ignore this, just seen there’s another download link in the order history tab - doh!


Glad you found it! To help for future searches, if you have purchased the Mocha Essentials training product, you will find the download links under your account on the Boris FX site. Boris FX >Training

see image:

Also note that if you own the Boris FX Suite product, you will get the premium training downloads for free in your account. :grinning:

Thanks, Ross. I’ve been watching through it without the exercise files and the information given is insanely good. I’m only up to 4c and already have a greater understanding of the tool. Thanks for this.


Love the username btw @ExpensiveHobby

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My sense of humour. It isn’t that bad really though. I remember getting laughed out of a building in Soho London circa 2001 when I enquired about Flame (having been suitably impressed by Chris Cunningham music videos) only to be informed it would set me back £250,000.

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any help on this?

i am using Vegas pro 18 going thru the training videos for Mocha Essentials Premium as well, in chapter 5 “Using the data”, in the video 05a Applying and Adjusting Transform Data at 3:14, they start talking about the tracking section and making track data. i cant no longer follow the training video because they are using AE in the video lesson. so How does one using VP18 follow along with this lesson? is there a work around, or is that all she wrote for Vegas users on this lesson?

The education path tutorials are done with AE as the host. For vegas, you can check the user manual to apply the lessons or search our video library for vegas specific tutorials on

HI MaryP

ya, i have been watching all those videos too and anything Vegas i can find. but i bought the training lessons so i was just trying to continue following the lesson. but seems i cant, at least on that one. i was informed that “Vegas 18 is not a compositor but an NLE so you can not export tracking data to Vegas.” if so, seems i cant do much, with following along with the lesson/s, there is no work around here for us Vegas pro folks on this one, and if nothing tracked will transfer back into Vegas pro when done. sign, wish i had know that fact before buying, now i will have to buy again.

I’m going to tag my colleague, Vin, here. @vincentm_e8c60 As he is our resident Vegas expert. Let’s see if Vin can help you out.

OH, well that is excellent info to know, on who to bug for help ;-).


if it helps, I upgraded to Vegas post, which is kind of like after effects they say. so with that, it might be easier to follow along lesson now, but no idea if i am right really. at the very least, t might help with a work around.

Hello, Apologies on the delay in my response. Did you have any luck with Vegas Post? While Vegas Pro can handle animation keyframes, it doesn’t currently accept mocha tracking data pasted from the clipboard. Nor does mocha currently export to a vegas specific format.

I’m curious if you have the full Continuum suite. If you do, a potential workaround may be to export the mocha tracking data to BCC Corner Pin, or, even better, apply the more recent BCC Corner Pin Studio, which has built in Mocha tracking to help drive it’s pinning. If you’re only working with Mocha, you may need to work in a full fledged compositor such as Hitfilm, AE, or Vegas Effect, which would accept pasted tracking keyframes.

I hope this helps. Feel free to message me directly at if you have additional questions.


HI @vincentm_e8c60

i haven’t gotten back to that lesson yet, i just moved on with the other lessons, but i will go back and play around with that thou, i want to know. (seems i need to learn other video editing software programs too, never hurts to be know more anyway)/.

ya i have the full continuum and mocha pro, no sapphire etc thou(for the moment)

ya i found out a bit to late about Vegas’s inability the receive tracking data from Mocha and mocha pro doesn’t exporting to Vegas, Sigh. so i pick up the post to hopefully deal with that. but i am still getting use to it but, i will try your suggestions and see if that works thou.

i have to say, i have looked into this Hitflim/pro programs,that you mentioned and have seen talked about in the forums. i have to say, It design looking pretty much like Vegas Effect layout does, it must have the same designer! so hopefully it works like HitFilm. AE i haven’t tried yet, but i don’t like the idea renting software, you stop paying, you stop playing! not good, i prefer buying and keeping it.

other then those 3, any other full fledged compositor of mention?

i will go play with that lesson, i am curious now :slight_smile: and this cat needs to know, so gotta go

Thanks for you Time and Help @vincentm_e8c60


oh, BTW is there a screen map layout out there of AE screen coordinates, Vegas uses number from 0 to 1 and AE does it from 0 or 100 to 1000. so when the instruction say enter 950 for AE, what is that for Vegas .95? that part is a bit confusing.

i did a update or both Continuum and Vegas now i have red X’s over my plugins and main video screen.

:slight_smile: that lesson is back on hold until a get this worked out

Thanks for your time, it muchly appreciated



in mocha essentials premium tutorials chapter "
11 Rotoscoping - Using Masks" at 37 seconds in after losing mesh tracking on the pigeons front leg, you select the lower leg and move it. other then turning on mesh edit, you holding down any keys while doing that selecting?

why i ask is, in the video chap 11 at 37 second you you highlight and move the shape and mesh simultaneously!? when i try to copy your actions, it doesn’t work out that way for me. for me, only the mesh moves, the shape outline remains behind. no matter which way i track and do it, the shape and mesh never move together.

I’m doing the lessons using both Vegas pro 18 and in Vegas effect with mocha pro the best i can, but this is in mocha pro itself.

any thoughts on this issue MaryP


Hmm. Is your “warp spline” option checked on in PowerMesh? If not, checking that on should fix this.

If it is on, and the spline still isn’t warping, this sounds like a bug. Clear the cache, save, close, and restart Mocha and the host and see if it persists?

Try that and let me know,

HI @maryp

ok i will look into that! just going to say no thou, most likely not, i might have missed that little piece of info

Thanks Drew

It could also be a GPU error, if you still see it, try turning off GPU tracking in Mocha and restarting the host.

@maryp nope warp spline is on.

i had to redo the pigeon, for whatever reason i could find that lesson file again, which was saved with the rest, any way!

while redoing the pigeon legs again, i had it work on the back leg, but the front one is doing it again.
i have to say, i am doing it in Vegas effect is that haves a dif!

since i am at that part i try turning off the GPU and actually do a reboot, just to be sure