Mocha Essentials Training -- DaVinci Resolve Fusion

Hello, I am trying to emulate the 1st hands-on lesson (Quick start 1b) using the supplied footage of the lady with tablet. However, because I am using Davinci Resolve 17 (Fusion), I am not clear for certain process to this since the course was designed for AE.

I was able to overlay the green screen with a substitute picture, but I can’t figure out the correct technique to include the roto finger, so it doesn’t cover the overlay screen. Some guidance please?

Thank you

You can either apply a new Mocha Pro effect to a clip of the finger or you can export Fusion shapes for the finger, or you can try and cut the finger out with the matte settings in the insert module in Mocha Pro. There are many ways to do this. You will have to roto the finger though.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.

Thanks Mary. I am attempting to export the Fusion shapes (learnt this technique from the mocha/fusion training series on YouTube by Boris FX Learn channel).

I think I am just confused how to connect the nodes in Fusion.

Here’s our breakdown on how to export shapes to Fusion: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022.5 User Guide

For how to properly connect the nodes in Fusion, it should be as easy as piping in the finger RGB source to the shape node, and using a merge node to composite over the insert. You might want to check the Fusion forums if you’re having trouble with Fusion compositing.

Thank you so much Mary! I finally figured it out ! :smiley:

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